2016 Chinese Canadian Farmers Day

While  we are still in the joy of celebrating the Lunar New Year, Canada - China Agriculture and Food Development Exchange Centre (CCAGR) is  excited to announce the Chinese Canadian Farmers Day, has successfully  closed on Thursday, Feb 11th in Oakville. The event provides ample  opportunity for attendees to learn, socialize and network. CCAGR are  very happy this year to bring our members once again to this event. We  appreciate the effort of each speaker of delivering professional farms  management skills in different sessions and we are also passionate about  the latest trending in agricultural industries, including the Sheep  industry, Grape and Wine industry and Asian vegetable growing in Canada.  Thanks again to the support of our following professional speakers and  media, our members get to expose in the industrial knowledge and  investment opportunities.
Our speakers this year:

Debbie Zimmerman, CEO of Grape Growers of Ontario  

Douglas Yungblut, Ph.D, P.Ag, President of Yungblut & Associates Consulting 

Dr. Michael Brownbridge & Dr. Viliam Zvalo, Vineland Research Center
Youming Zhao, M.Sc. P. Ag, President of CCAGR

We are so proud that Chinese Canadian Farmers are continuously  contributing to Canada agriculture development and promote Canadian  agri-food export.

Last but not least, we are very pleased to  see our members actively participated and provided feedback to our  center. Our center launched Chinese Canadian Farm Starting Program  almost 8 years ago. This program brings in Canadian Best Management  Practices, new ideas and opportunities to our entrepreneurial farmers  and professionals. We will have more upcoming events. Together we can  make difference, we are looking forward to seeing you in our future  events.  


 Funding for our veg research and development projects provided in part by Agriculture  
and Agri-Food Canada through the Agricultural Adaptation Council's CanAdvance Program