CCAgr 10th Anniversary and Agri-food Investment Seminar

In 2018, the Canada–China Agriculture and Food Development Exchange Centre (CCAgr) ushered in its 10th year. In order to thanks to our friends and experts who support and guide us, we successfully held the CCAgr 10th Anniversary and Canadian Agri-food Investment Seminar on May 1st and 2nd. The event got high attention from both Canada and China, and attracts many agri-food industry people and investors. Agriculture as the primary industry for people's livelihood, and Canada is one of the largest agricultural countries, with advanced technology, high mechanization, and a rapid development, the meeting was focus on the local food, Canadian Agri-food advantage and export opportunity.

On May 1st seminar, there were nearly 20 well-known Canadian agricultural experts attended the meeting and congrats to CCAgr, including Hon Lyle Vanclief, the former Canadian Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and CCAGR senior advisers: Dr. John Kelly, Dr. Dough Yungblut, Tom Young, Dr. Hielke De Jong, etc.

The brilliant opening speech was from Dr. Hon Lyle Vanclief, he explained the possibility and advantages of Canadian agriculture and food industry, and foreseen that the cooperation with China is a great opportunity for Canadian agricultural development in the unpredictable international situation. Chinese-Canadian farmers have not only enriched the local market, but also as a bridge and bond in linking the cooperation between the two countries, and CCAgr plays an important role and made an outstanding contribution.

Dr. John Kelly, Senior Advisor of BioEnterprise Corporation, and also as Senior Advisor of CCAgr, gave a perfect presentation about the current status of biotechnology in Canadian agricultural applications and its investment opportunities .   He said biotechnology will be an important part in equipment invention, crop science, big data management, and agricultural energy. Biotechnology is an effective way of facing the challenges of population growth, healthy materials, and energy conservation, which helps maintaining sustainable development and building a world-leading agriculture and food economies.

The next hot topic is the cannabis, Mr. Brian Sterling, a Canadian well known expert and sociologist, analyzed the problem and challenge of the cannabis market from three aspects, market research, industry cooperation, and public safety. He pointed out that cannabis as a new type of industry will inevitably a lack of market-driven, and brings about a certain impact on society. We should work hard in tractability, improve law and policy, learn the experiences and lessons from other countries, and focus on the conversations and activities to promote the development of this industry.

Then, Mr. Rick Wismer, a senior executive from a Canadian famous enterprise consulting and management company, introduced Canadian agricultural taxes and benefits. He said the government provide variety of supports, such as fund, technology, market, etc. to help the farmers to improve the equipment and increase their profits.  

In the afternoon, Ms.  Maria Derkace gave a lecture about the Canadian hazelnut industry. She talked about the hazelnut's efficacy, planting methods, management, and Ontario's hazelnut industry status and prospect. She quoted Dr. John Kelly's opinion that “the Ontario hazelnut market potential is equivalent to the market value of about 10,000 hectares of trees”, and she point out that the world-wide famous chocolate manufacturer Ferrero Rocher was settled in Ontario, which greatly promoted the development of the local hazelnut industry, and they expected the hazelnut plantation will reach 27,000 acres in the next 10 years.

On May 2nd, CCAgr took everyone to visit several very successful local farms and agricultural enterprises, to experience the advanced technology and intelligence from Canadian farmers. This two-day activity helps the trainees understand more about the local farms, and had a clear vision of Canadian agriculture.

During the meeting, Youming Zhao, P.Ag., the President of CCAgr, also gave a great speech, he thanks to our Canadian advisers, partners and long -term staff for their sincerity and trust, and their selfless help and support for last ten years. CCAgr gave them the Excellent Awards. Youming Zhao, P.Ag, an immigrant, said " It has been proved from my 18 years experience here that Canada is a great country , with generous people here.   All immigrants has their opportunities to contribute your skills and talents to make Canada a better place.  CCAgr will continue its contribution to Canada and China as a bridge in agri-food industry !"  CCAgr also invite all local farmers, agri-food professionals, investors and shareholders to continue to support and pay attention to our coming activities.   


 Funding for our veg research and development projects provided in part by Agriculture  
and Agri-Food Canada through the Agricultural Adaptation Council's CanAdvance Program