2019 CCAGR Farm Tour and Training

 CCAgr 2019 Canadian Agri-Explore 

On May 18th, 2019, CCAgr successfully held the “Canadian Agri-Explore” event. The aim is to introduce and find more opportunity for local farm, suppliers and local market. This event got a lot of Chinese-Canadian farmers and investors’ attention. CCAgr selected 50 people from the applicants to join this trip. The first stop is the Frisia Flora Greenhouses, a successful local flowers supplier. The owner introduced the lavender and some other plants’ growth habit. Our trainees are very interested in “how greenhouse use bugs eat bugs to reduce the chemical use”. The second stop is Kevin’s modern greenhouse in Vineland, which produce seasonal flowers and veggies. Then we visit the Alvento Winery in Jordan Station. Alvento winery is famous for its meticulously crafted Bordeaux-style reds wines. The trainees tasted and deeply loved their new “Wind Series”, which got an award in Wine competition. In the afternoon, we arrived the F/X chocolate factory in Niagara. The guide explained in detail the process of making chocolate. Then we went to the Byland Estate Winery in Niagara. Byland winery was founded by Mr. and Mrs. Bai, and expand very fast depend on the high quality wines. The fantastic taste of their red wines and icewines really attracts the trainees. After that, we visit a beautiful local vineyard runs by an old couple for decades. Our expert clearly teach everyone how to manage a vineyard. The owner nicely showed us how to run the equipment. Our last stop is a typical flower greenhouse in St. Catherine. 

Canada has the world’s best greenhouse technical, a lot of our trainees are very interested. This event helps them understand more about the local farms and Canadian agriculture. CCAgr thanks to all our friends who support us in these years, and please pay attention to our next activities.



 Funding for our veg research and development projects provided in part by Agriculture  
and Agri-Food Canada through the Agricultural Adaptation Council's CanAdvance Program