About Us

About Us


The Canada–China Agriculture and Food Development Exchange Centre  (CCAgr) was founded upon these principles. Youming Zhao, a professional  agrologist in Canada, the founder of Canada–China Agriculture and Food  Development Exchange Center, has built wide a contact base in the  Canadian and Chinese agricultural and agri-food industries through more  than twenty years work in both countries. The CCAgr has the support of  many Canadian and Chinese agricultural professionals, university  professors, senior government officers and entrepreneurs. The CCAgr  utilizes the culture, language and technical skills, in combination with  Canadian industry knowledge of Canadian professionals to bridge this  gap.

Our Vision :
To be a leading organization in promoting Canada-China agriculture, agri-food industry cooperation.   

To be the largest platform in Canadian Chinese communities for  promoting our local agri-foods, farming and agricultural tourism.  

Our Commitment:
We aim to be a key, long-term partner for our customers and we want our services to add significant value for their business. 

Our Mission:
To dedicate to Canadian agriculture, the Canadian regulatory system and  the opportunities Canada has in the booming Chinese marketplace. To  actively promote Canadian and Chinese cooperation and exchange in  agriculture, agri-food and life sciences through a wide range of  services for our members and the public. We believe the best way to  achieve the goal is to build strong partnerships. We currently are  creating and updating three CCAgr-partner databases.


Funding for our veg research and development projects provided in part by Agriculture  
and Agri-Food Canada through the Agricultural Adaptation Council's CanAdvance Program