Canada  is a beloved place for almost all new immigrants, including Chinese  Canadians. Canada’s fertile and vast land offers huge opportunities for  Chinese Canadians to operate farm businesses in their new  homeland. However, culture, language and practice differences are major  barriers for them to enter the Canadian agriculture industry. To  overcome these problems, our center has been working on a “Chinese  Canadian Farm Start Program“ since the very beginning, even before our  center was established in 2008. We have helped many new immigrants start  their own farm businesses including vineyards, cash crop, fruit farms,  wineries, greenhouses and livestock farms in Ontario and other areas of  Canada. 

Today, Chinese Canadian farmers not only produce ethnic food and  other crops to supply large cities, some of them also supply the  international market directly, especially to Asia. Canada has a  well-established agriculture and agri-food industry with long-standing  success in the global marketplace. Chinese Canadian farmers also work as  ambassadors when introducing Canada’s best practices, innovative  products and high-quality foods to Asia and the world. 

For the  betterment of the Canadian agriculture industry, we invite you, local  farmers and shareholders to continue to support our Farm Start Program. Together, we CAN make a difference!   

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